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Expert Waxing

Waxing in Petersfield


Experts in hair removal by waxing is offered at the clinic to an extremely high standard. We import one of the worlds best waxing products all the way from America, which means your hair removal waxing treatment will not only go smoothly, but leave you smooth. Being one of the number one preferred clinics in the area for waxing hair removal, make sure ReVive is the place you go.

Soft Tissue Therapy

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We treat a wide range of muscle injuries & conditions; treating either medical related issues or injuries & conditions caused from sport, work & lifestyle.

Soft Tissue Therapy – The Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of acute & chronic muscle injuries or sports injuries. We treat such a wide range of muscle injuries & conditions from those that decide to self refer or are recommended. We have the skill to treat injuries & importantly the skill to recognise where we cannot; ReVive will refer you to an appropriate provider if we feel we cannot help you with your problem.

Sports Massage

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One of the most popular clinics in Petersfield, Hampshire to receive your Sports massage from a highly qualified sport massage therapist with over a decade of experience in the sports therapy field.

Sports Massage – Deep tissue massage therapy for non injury related, general sore & tight muscles. This sports therapy treatment greatly helps those who keep their bodies active throughout the week, or even very sedentary. These polar opposites put a great stretch on the muscles & joints from either, over use or under use. Those attending for a sports injury generally find that they heal & recover better from regular sports massage. Those that lead a slower pace of life can benefit from a deep tissue massage at ReVive in Petersfield as it increases muscle suppleness & joint mobility.

Massage to relax

Swedish massage Petersfield


Our routes in massage therapy originated from Swedish massage, a popular therapy service and an important part in relaxing not just the muscles but nervous system, if you seek a massage in Petersfield, ReVive is the place to visit. 

Relaxation Massage – A popular monthly relaxation style massage to de-stress & unwind the mind, muscle & nervous system. Favourites by those whose priority is all over mind & body relaxation.  A full body Swedish massage in Petersfield or just a back massage certainly does have it’s place within the field of all things body-work. Massage for relaxation in Petersfield, or beauty massage as it is sometimes called, will always remain in the diary for those that like the combination of relaxation & therapeutic body-work.  

A specialist Soft Tissue & Sports massage Clinic based in Petersfield.

It’s time to visit a Soft Tissue Therapist to see what we can offer in Hampshire.

Soft Tissue Therapy | Sports Massage Massage

ReVive Soft Tissue Therapy

Muscle injury assessment & treatment | Deep tissue sports massage | Relaxation massage

A Hands-on treatment package

Soft Tissue Therapy offers a very hands-on approach to your treatment, helping the muscles, enabling you to complete your rehab effectively, which should return you to health in a much quicker time frame.