Delta Wave Meditation

A treatment specifically designed for physical & mental relaxation

Relax | Unwind | Rejuvenate

Start your treatment with dry mitts & dry body brushing exfoliation.

A shiatsu inspired, full body massage, including face & scalp; using long, soothing, soft strokes combined with various massage textures & a mood calming blend of essential oils applied to the face.

Spend 15 minutes at the end of the treatment to lay & collect your thoughts alone before returning to reality.

Delta Wave Meditation – A wonderfully relaxing, multi-sensory, unique treatment awaits you @ ReVive this month. Specifically designed for complete relaxation, allowing you to escape the day and spend an hour to deeply unwind.

You enter a candle lit room with a mist of botanical essential oils vaporised into the air where you disrobe and settle on a heated therapy couch.

Being a multi-sensory experience, you will be massaged by several different textures, ranging form silk to fur, brushed cotton to wool. But before you slip into deep relaxation, experience a stimulating dry body exfoliation using a dry body brush and dry massage mitts. This helps whisk away dead skin cells leaving the texture of the skin much smoother.

After your body experience, a blend of calming essential oils will be pressed into your skin during an acupressure facial and scalp massage. Hair and scalp are brushed and stroked before you are left for a little to collect your thoughts before the treatment comes to a conclusion.

1 hour | £45

NB: Oil is not used in this treatment, it is only applied to the face.

Delta Wave Meditation ReVive Petersfield