Electrolysis permanent hair removal

 Hair removal by using electrolysis is the only way to permanently remove hair & it is clinically proven.

It is a safe & effect procedure to remove your hair and remove it forever.

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Electrolysis Hair Removal

You can remove your hair from your body is several ways. You can use creams, shave or wax amongst other methods, some are more permanent for yourself than others.

Electrolysis hair removal is currently the only clinically proven effective method of permanently removing hair forever.

It works best on small patches of hair, like top lip, chin, under arms, bikini line. 

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How does it work?

Every hair no matter how small or large all come out of a small hole in the skin, this small hole we call the ‘hair follicle’. The hair sits in the follicle whilst it goes through different stages of hair growth. As the hair grows it has an attachment to the blood supply.

We use small metal probe that I pass into this follicle, once I switch the electrolysis machine on it produces a very small chemical reaction, the metal probe then warms the substance slightly to make it more effective. After the heated chemical reaction destroys the connection to the blood supply, it will then easily slide out of the hole.

Mostly importantly the hair needs to be in the correct stage of growth and we can work with methods to help in that.

Hairs may come back if under treated so you will require a few sessions, but once the hair has gone, it should not come back.

Electrolysis permanent hair removal

£2530 minutes
  • multiple sessions are required

Frequently asked questions

Generally no it is not painful; some areas can be uncomfortable at times. You may find some areas are more sensitive than others, for example your top lip. The machine at ReVive Aesthetics has a huge range of settings which we can adjust to help you stay comfortable during your treatment.

In the first section of your course we need you to attend regularly, this will increase our treatment success. Sometimes I will need you to attend twice weekly, most we start off with once per week. These sessions will then move further apart and you should be coming less frequently as the course goes on. For larger areas courses will take longer. We maybe able to clear small areas of hair within just a couple of months. A couple of hairs in very annoying areas may take just three sessions.

We use electrolysis to permanently remove your hair. The only clincally proven method of hair removal is by using electrolysis. However your body can grow new hairs close by the existing ones, but generally once we threat that area it will remain hair free.

There is no real healing time. You may have very small pin prick size scabs that appear from time to time post treatment but this is quite rear. Your skin will go bumpy and redden in the area directly after the treatment but you will notice in the morning that it is goes very quickly.

You may wish to purchase some with hazel gel to sooth your skin post treatment when at home. It is vitally important that you do pick, scratch or touch after we start treating you with Electrolysis. I never advise that you pluck the hair, ever! You can shave it between treatments if you want.

Anton, Owner ReVive

It took me two years to complete my Electrology course whilst studying at collage during the course I soon learned from watching the other students, you’re either good at it or not. I, as I’m sure you will be please to know was always a natural at it.

Electrolysis is amazingly effective at removing hair and removing it forever. However their are caveats with this, when isn’t there!

As a patient receiving electrolysis, we always urge you to keep regular appointments, this helps target the hairs when they are in the first stage of hair growth. It is also crucial not pick or wax the hair in-between treatments, this massively increases the time it takes us to rid the area of hair! Trust me on that one.

Anton, ReVive Aesthetics Petersfield