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A new era in brightening from the skin health experts.

Dedicated to results without compromising skin health, Dermalogica extensively researched the latest ingredient technology, searching for ingredients that would safely go beyond minimising the appearance of hyper-pigmentation.

This research has led to the development of ChromaWhite TRx®, the only system that rapidly delivers visible brightening and improved skin tone while improving skin health.

ChromaWhite TRx® ensures you can treat your hyper-pigmentation safely, without worrying about suffering from irritation or damage that can lead to premature ageing.

Skin colour is mainly determined by the amount of melanin present in the skin.

Constitutive skin colour is the basic melanin content of our skin that is genetically inherited without any influence from sun exposure or hormones.

Facultative skin colour is the result of other influences, such as sunlight and hormones, and their impact on our skin colour.

We can only treat facultative or or pigmentation that results from exposure to ultraviolet rays.

How it works

chroma white dermis

Melanin, the brown or reddish pigment in skin, is synthesised in dendritic cells called Melanocytes, as shown on the right image.

Regardless of race, we all have approximately 800 to 1000 melanocytes per square millimetre of epidermis. Melanocyte cells look like an octopus with long arms, or dendrites, extending upward into the stratum spinosum layer. Melanocytes in sun exposed skin are larger with branched dendritic arms when compared to those found in protected skin. When exposed to UV light the pituitary gland in the brain generates a chemical to stimulate the production of the protective chemical melanin. You know it as a tan! Unfortunately it also triggers the inflammatory and immune response, which has a negative affect on your skin.

Once the melanocyte is activated, eumelanin (brown-black pigment) formation commences. Once it has been made, it moves up the dentric arms and transfers into the skin cells. The cells make there way up through the layers of the skin where you then start to see the colour of the skin change.

Regardless of skin colour, the number of melanocytes does not vary among humans. There is approximately one melanocyte for every 36 skin cells found in the epidermis.

Causes of dark pigmentation issues (hyper-pigmentation):-

  1. UV Exposure
  2. Post-inflammation hyper-pigmentation (trauma induced pigmentation)
  3. Melasma (hormonally induced pigmentation)

The production of skin pigmentation is a multi-step process. Consequently, a multi-step system must be used to control discolouration and produce visible brightening results.

When used morning and night, ChromaWhite TRx® delivers synergistic, around-the-clock treatment and prevention of hyper=pigmentation.

  • prepare

Cleanse and exfoliate to lift dulling skin cells, which can interfere with penetration of treatment products and contribute to uneven skin texture and tone.

  • prevent

Targeted treatments that help obstruct the development of pigmentation on a cellular level to prevent discolouration.

  • protect

Nourish, moisturise and shield skin from environmental assaults that trigger discolouration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon will clients see a result in their skin from the ChromaWhite TRx® system?

It takes 50 to 60 days for existing pigmentation to naturally desquamate from skin, meaning results are not instant. This is applicable to every brightening system on the market.

To expedite results, you can choose a Rapid Results series of professional treatments, based upon your Face Mapping® and our suggested regime.

When a consistent home regime is followed and paired with ChromaWhite TRx® professional treatments, clients should begin to notice results in 30 days. Each week, all-over skin evenness and brightening will progress.

  • How important is applying an SPF when treating skin with ChromaWhite TRx®?

Wearing a Sun Protection Factor of 30 is a requisite when treating hyper-pigmentation. Treating hyper-pigmentation without the daily application of sun protection will counteract any brightening regime.

  • Can ChromaWhite TRx® be prescribed for treating other areas prone to hyper-pigmentation, such as the upper chest and the hands?

Absolutely. ChromaWhite TRx® can be used for the successful treatment of hyper-pigmentation on these areas of the body. For the hands, prescribe the ChromaWhite TRx® Hand Treatment. The same disciplined regime of SPF application applies.

  • Why is Hydroquinone not one of the ingredients used in ChromaWhite TRx®?

While Hydroquinone may be an effective pigment lightener, there are many concerns regarding its safety. It is estimated that one third of the population is allergic to Hydroquinone and skin may be photo-sensitised with prolonged use, causing actual darkening of the skin.


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