While no one knows your skin better than your Dermalogica Skin Therapist, only you know how you feel. That is why you can customise your Dermalogica Skin Treatment with your choice of Touch Therapy, 15 minutes of attention where you need it most.

How it works during a facial treatment.

During the consultation phase you will get the chance to pick from one of the below Touch Therapies to include within your experience.touch-therapies



customised face massage
stress relief neck and shoulder massage
stress relief back
stress relief foot
stress relief scalp

Got a key skin concern?
Dedicate your Touch Therapy time during your facial to boosting skin results with intense treatments using additional electrical modalities and specialist masks.

Want a bit more?
Additional Touch Therapies can be booked at 15 minute increments at a cost of £10.

The Skin Treatment + Touch Therapy = ultimate Dermalogica experience


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