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Our new range of ReVive Spa Rituals


Full body scrub followed by Full body massage

The new treatment in our ReVive Rituals range; the third release in the series is the zesty
 Frangipani Monoi body ritual.

This ritual starts with a full head to toe Himalayan salt scrub that stimulates the body and exfoliates dead skin, followed by a fully body massage with hot Frangipanni infused Monoi oil.

This ritual has a signature scent and an oil range all of its own; Monoi coconut oil infused with the fragrance perfume of Tahitian Tiaré flowers and precious essential oils of Frangipani gives a beautifully loving, comforting and luxurious aroma. Whilst the Himalayan salt glow is packed with spicy ginger and zingy lime essential oils and shaved lime zest to give a stimulating pickmeup. 

You are introduced to the ritual’s signature fragrance as soon as you enter the treatment room by way of a hand and foot wash.

Monoi oil can be tracked back thousands of years ago to the Maohi people, indigenous Polynesians. They used it from birth all the way to death.Frangipani moon ritual ReVive Petersfield It was a main part of their lives from medical uses, to applications on the skin and hair to help aid hydration. It was also used as a body perfume. A truly beautiful, luxurious oil when applied to warm skin, it melts and glides aiding in moisturisation and a scent that will last the whole day.

This ritual is the best of both worlds. A full body scrub to stimulate and exfoliate dead skin from the body, using spicy and zesty oils to liven the body and mind. Then after this scrub, slip into a world of fragrance and luxury when your skin is drenched in warm Moni oil infused with Frangipani.

A truly luxurious experience @ ReVive

85 minutes | £60

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August 2017 Promotion

Frangipani Monoi body Ritual Petersfield