Therapeutic & undeniably warm

a luxury thermal treatment

A Hot stone massage in Petersfield is probably one of the most popular thermal relaxation massage treatments that we offer at ReVive Petersfield, especially in the winter.

If you have never had a hot stone massage it’s time you do! A favourite treatment of many that should be experienced at least once.

A hot stone massage is a luxury thermal full body experience, offering indulgence at another level; to be had as a one off treat or as a regular ritual. This treatment includes a pressure point face massage with special warmed stones and optional scalp invigoration.

A hot stone massage positions itself with the thermal therapy field. As a heat treatment, it offers extra benefits and therapeutic properties.

deep heat

Heat has been well known for decades in its therapeutic benefits to the body and mind, it comforts us and instills a sense of wellbeing and deep restfulness.

Heat increases blood circulation to the muscles and surrounding tissues which can be very restorative. The warmth from the hot rocks can help relieve sore, tight muscles, ease spasms and increase flexibility.

Hot stone massage can also be, and quite often is, used in a clinical environment in treating acute muscle pain, so do pose therapeutic benefits.

the treatment

During your treatment at ReVive, hot basalt sones are placed directly on the skin, using warm oil as a massage medium to help them glide over your body. Basalt is the stone of choice for hot stone therapy, as an igneous rock, found mainly in volcanic areas, it holds its heat very well, keeping warmer for longer.

Direct heat from the igneous rocks helps melt away tension and allows the massage therapist to access deeper layers of the fascia and muscles using special techniques and methods.

Heating the muscles during the treatment helps the nervous system ‘let go’ of the tension and tightness, aiding reduction of stiffness which can be specifically befificial for neck and back mobility.

We often seek out heat to help relieve and sooth our bodies; this treatment encompasses those beneficial thermal properties and incorporates them into a wonderfully relaxing, soothing and restorative treatment.

Hot stone massage therapy is a must treatment to experience

Melt away tension, release tight muscles & fall into a state of total relaxation with a hot stone massage Petersfield.

hot stone massage Petersfield

Hot Stone Massage

£451 hour