Pro calm Ritual

Our new range of ReVive Spa Rituals


The new treatment in our ReVive Rituals range; the second release in the series is the sublime Lavender pro Calm Ritual.

This ritual has a signature scent and an oil range all of its own; Lavender, Rosemary and Lemon in a base of Sunflower, Coconut and emerald Pumpkin Seed oil furnish a perfect balance of relaxation and stimulation to provide inner calm and harmony.

You are introduced to the ritual’s signature fragrance as soon as you enter the treatment room by way of a hand and foot wash.

The exceptional qualities of Lavender are known thought the world. This ritual acts on the three senses of touch, smell and sound to sooth even the most tired of minds and achieve ultimate mental wellness and inner peace.

The treatment greatly helps relieve stress and anxiety through deep breathing, heat and gentle touch.

A warm blend of oil is gently applied with golden taklon brushes and smoothed over the entire body during this treatment. C-tactile nerve receptors linked to your Peripheral Nervous System respond to this contact and give a truly inner feeling of restoration and calm, akin to heartfelt touch.

Deep breathing exercises within this treatment help to reinforce it’s power of relaxation and calmness on the soul.

To conclude this treatment a warm Lavender, Rosemary and Lemon Body moisturiser is applied to lock in the nourishing properties of the oils.

Experience this new, truly unique style of treatment only at ReVive.

60 minutes | £60

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May 2017 Promotion

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