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A great shave

ReVive and Dermalogica recognise that men’s skin is different, primarily because it undergoes a form of severe mechanical exfoliation: shaving. Shaving is a bit of a hazard. It can cause irritation, sensitivity, redness, razor burn, ingrown hairs and bumps often due to ingredients that either over-dry and strip skin of moisture or clog follicles with heavy formulas.

Because skin health impacts the success of every shave, Dermalogica Shave has been designed as the first double-action system that focuses on delivering a maximum comfort, super-close shave and an enhanced skin condition through ingredients that benefit skin health.

Skin looks better, feels better, and each subsequent shave is enhanced.
Our convenient three part system of Pre- Shave, Shave and Post-Shave is also the first to address skin condition as well as beard growth.


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