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Welcome to Money Barn Massage

On-site massage @ your place of work

Back massage


A relaxing, tension reducing midday pick me up; designed for anyone.

A specialist massage chair is used in this treatment to allow a full clothes on back massage to be performed.

Using shiatsu inspired massage moves, areas of tension and pain producing trigger points will be worked on to help melt away daytime work tension.

This massage is free of charge and takes place within a 2 hour slot dedicated for Money Barn employees. The next scheduled date is Monday 14th May 2018

5 Minutes | FREE   To book your appointment click the book button below


ReVive is ‘on the move’ bringing massage, postural & musculoskeletal advise to all Money Barn employees.

If you do find that you are experiencing chronic muscle problems, neck pain, back pain, headaches etc, then ReVive regularly treat these conditions with great success; you will be recommended a suitable treatment at our main clinic.

Our main clinic is based minutes from your work in Lavant Street, we are open from 10am to 10pm most days excluding Tuesdays.

NB : If you would prefer a longer appointment you can book in with our main clinic using the main website. We also offer more relaxing massages such as Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy and other treatments like full body scrubs, standard and intimate waxing and skin treatments. All can be found using the links to the left.

 ReVive hold a wide skill set in all things Massage & have years of experience.

Full body Swedish massage, Hot Stone, Osteopathic techniques or a firm Sport massage.
ReVive massage Petersfield is the place to go!

Why have massage?

Our therapist Anton has huge wealth of experience & holds advanced qualifications in his field. He has been practising for over 10 years & treats a wide variety of people.

I am extremely passionate about the work I do & have made sure my qualifications & development within the field remain to a high level.
Anton, ReVive
  • Relaxes the mind & body

  • Helps improve blood flow
  • Helps boost immunity
  • Improvement of posture & flexibility
  • Reduces stress, boosts mood & fends off headaches
  • Reduces muscle soreness


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage – A deep tissue massage dedicated for the whole back.
30 minutes | £30 | BOOK | GIFT VOUCHER

Swedish Massage – A traditional firm full body Swedish massage designed to improve your circulation, release tension and soothe your muscles.
60 minutes | £40 | BOOK | GIFT VOUCHER

Aromatherapy Massage – Using a blend of nourishing essential oils and massage to help relax and de-stress the entire body. Includes a pressure point facial and elements of Indian head massage. Our most popular treatment of all time @ Massage Petersfield.
90 minutes | £55 | BOOK | GIFT VOUCHER

Sports Massage – The management, manipulation and rehabilitation of muscles and soft tissue / deep tissue. Ideal if you have specific muscles aches and pains causes by sport or lifestyle. Osteopathic techniques, including spinal manipulation and medical acupuncture can be utilised in your treatment / rehabilitation.
30 minutes | £30
60 minutes | £40   } BOOK | GIFT VOUCHER
90 minutes | £55

Bamboo Massage – Warm Bamboo Massage is a deep pressure, full body massage that uses warmed bamboo rods soaked in essential oils. Designed to aid circulation, relieve sore and tired muscles through a process of fascial release. This is a therapeutic technique helping relieve muscle pain, tension and diminished blood flow, it helps deliver a sublime sense of relaxation. The final stage of the massage is concentrated on the back, using these warmed bamboo rods your knots will be heated and ironed out leaving you super relaxed, de-stressed and restored.
60 minutes | £45 | BOOK | GIFT VOUCHER

Hot Stone Massage – Hot Stone massage uses soothing oils, warm basalt and cold marble stones to relax the muscles, allowing for deeper and more intense all over experience. The smooth, pure warm and cool surfaces of the stones glide over the body without effort, concentrating on tension and blocked energy flow. Stones are placed and used as massage tools for deep muscle and mind relaxation.
60 minutes | £45 | BOOK | GIFT VOUCHER

Reflexology – In ancient to current times, it is believed by some that zones of the feet refer to corresponding parts in the body and thus if stimulated can effect those areas. Reflexology is an experience that aims to balance, restore and harmonise the body by using pressure and massage techniques on the feet.
60 minutes | £40 | BOOK | GIFT VOUCHER

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