Soft Tissue Therapy and Sports Massage

You need a therapist

Welcome in the age of the Soft Tissue Therapist

  • That knows about a wide range of muscular injuries

  • Has the ability to utilised a wider range of treatment techniques

  • Knows when to refer if they think they cannot treatment the problem

physiotherapy vs Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy Petersfield

Why choose a Soft Tissue Therapist ?

Patients respond very well to a traditional hands-on treatment style of treatment, and education and exercise prescription.  That is why you need a Soft Tissue Therapist, we have academic knowledge, assessment & exercise prescriptions skill as well as vital hands-on therapy experience .

Osteopathic based treatment
osteopath articulation Petersfield

Osteopathy Petersfield & Chiropractic Petersfield Vs Soft Tissue Therapy Petersfield

You often find those who seek out a Osteopath for lower back pain in Petersfield, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow etc. could often be treated just as effectively as by a Soft Tissue Therapist, often receiving more ‘hands-on’ treatment.

It is, or should be, mostly agreed that you recover faster from injuries with a multi-pronged approach to treatment. Osteopathy techniques, chiropractic style spinal manipulation & the all important exercise based prescriptions, should, get people better, quicker!

A general visit to a Chiropractor is all very well and good if you need a joint clicking, & yes it does help. We at ReVive do offer chiropractic spinal manipulation techniques. Some research shows that a ‘click’ of the joint gives instant but temporary relief. Many would probably agree, that’s why you maybe need so many appointments. As we stated above, manipulation twinned with ‘traditional ‘hands-on’ treatment should be more effective. That is why we offer several treatment techniques at ReVive Petersfield, so we don’t need to keep referring to other disciplines. 

Your Soft Tissue Therapist at ReVive Petersfield has been extensively trained which places your therapist in a very good position to treat you. 

This is why you should visit a Soft Tissue Therapist !

Lower back pain Petersfield

ReVive Soft Tissue Therapy in Petersfield, Hampshire.

ReVive is a multidisciplinary clinic offering three main treatment options.

Anton, Owner ReVive

WHY see a Soft Tissue Therapist Vs a Physiotherapist?

Good question and here’s the answer…

Generally, unless you see a specialist sports physio, Physiotherapy treatments are very much exercise prescriptions, they certainly are in the NHS arena, maybe a bit of Ultra Sound if you are lucky.

And that’s wrong in a lot of peoples opinions, including mine; they should be much more hands-on!

A typical NHS Physiotherapy appointment below

Diagnosis and here are some exercises. I’ll see you in a weeks time (often paid for by the Insurance company). You have session after session after session and take a long time to get better, if you do, mostly because you don’t do the exercises.

NOW take a Soft Tissue Therapist, I’ll  Assess you, give you Exercise Prescription, but what I’ll do if treat you in a very hands-on approach which will help the muscles enabling you to complete your rehab much more effectively, which should return you to health in a much quicker time frame.

Anton, ReVive

ReVive Soft Tissue Therapy is a specialist clinic offering the Assessment | Treatment | Rehabilitation of muscle injuries, pains & conditions bought on by sport, lifestyle / work stress factors & medical conditions. I offer my patients specialist knowledge, excellent therapeutic treatments from a multidisciplinary skill set, at competitive prices.

ReVive also offer very skilled deep tissue sports massages, for the general body or specifically targeting areas for your sore and achey muscles.

When it comes to sports & life style related muscle injury or deep tissue sports massage therapy ReVive have it covered; a wealth of knowledge from an specialist therapist in the field.

If you find that you have a muscle injury or chronic muscular problem then you should visit ReVive.

If total relaxation is your route of choice then we offer relaxation massage & general maintenance massage to keep on top of any problems & help relax tired muscles.

ReVive Soft Tissue Therapy clinic in Petersfield is the place to visit for muscular issues.