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 Physiotherapy, Soft Tissue Therapy or a Sports Massage?

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physiotherapy vs Soft Tissue Therapy

Physiotherapy Petersfield Vs Soft Tissue Therapy Petersfield

Why choose a Physiotherapist Petersfield when you can choose a Soft Tissue Therapist ?

Physiotherapy has changed a lot over the years. It used to be a very hands-on treatment from very experienced professionals being training in a hospital based environment.

Physio is now far more academic & is much more exercise proscription based. NHS physio’s come out of University with very little, if any, hands-on treatment experience in dealing with muscle problems & injuries.

Patients respond much better to the traditional hands-on treatment that Physiotherapists used to use, they were just as effective back then as they are today. That is why you need a Soft Tissue Therapist, we have academic knowledge, assessment & exercise prescriptions skill as well as vital hands-on therapy experience every physio’s used to have.

So when you think you may need a Physiotherapist Petersfield you may in fact need a Soft Tissue Therapist instead.

physiotherapy vs Soft Tissue Therapy

ReVive Soft Tissue Therapy in Petersfield, Hampshire.

ReVive is a multidisciplinary clinic offering three main treatment options, often more hands-on than Physiotherapy

Soft Tissue Therapy – Similar to a Physio treatment, but more hands-on! The Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of acute & chronic muscle injuries / problems.

Sports Massage – Deep tissue massage therapy for non injury related, general sore and tight muscles.

Relaxation Massage – Relaxation style massage to de-stress & unwind.

Anton, Owner ReVive

WHY see a Soft Tissue Therapist Vs a Physiotherapist?

Good question and here’s the answer…

Generally, unless you see a specialist sports physio, Physiotherapy treatments are very much exercise prescriptions, they certainly are in the NHS arena, maybe a bit of Ultra Sound if you are lucky.

And that’s wrong in a lot of peoples opinions, including mine; they should be much more hands-on!

A typical NHS Physiotherapy appointment below

Diagnosis and here are some exercises. I’ll see you in a weeks time (often paid for by the Insurance company). You have session after session after session and take a long time to get better, if you do, mostly because you don’t do the exercises.

NOW take a Soft Tissue Therapist, I’ll do the same as the Physio in terms of Assessing you, the same choice of Exercise Prescription, but what I’ll do if treat you in a very hands-on approach which will help the muscles enabling you to complete your rehab much more effectively, which should return you to health in a much quicker time frame.

Anton, ReVive

ReVive Soft Tissue Therapy is a specialist clinic offering the Assessment | Treatment | Rehabilitation of muscle injuries, pains & conditions bought on by sport, lifestyle / work stress factors & medical conditions. I offer my patients specialist knowledge, excellent therapeutic treatments from a multidisciplinary skill set, at competitive prices.  Treatments at ReVive are often more hands-on than that you would receive from a Physiotherapist.

ReVive also offer very skilled deep tissue sports massages, for the general body or specifically targeting areas for your sore and achey muscles.

When it comes to sports & life style related muscle injury or deep tissue sports massage therapy ReVive have it covered; a wealth of knowledge from an specialist therapist in the field.

If you find that you have a muscle injury or chronic muscular problem then you should visit ReVive.

If total relaxation is your route of choice then we offer relaxation massage & general maintenance massage to keep on top of any problems & help relax tired muscles.

ReVive Soft Tissue Therapy clinic in Petersfield is the place to visit for all muscular issues.