Our new range of ReVive Spa Rituals


The new treatment in our ReVive Rituals range; the first release in the series is the beautiful Himalayan Salt Scrub Ritual.

This ritual has a signature scent and an oil range all of its own. You are introduced to the ritual’s signature fragrance as soon as you entre the treatment room by way of a hand and foot wash.

The treatment helps relieve tension and stress immediately though deep breathing and a pressure point face and scalp massage.

Hot Himalayan salt blocks are then used all over the body to warm and gently exfoliate the skin aiding in a wonderful feeling of sedation. This sensation helps to release tension build up in mind and body. Preceding is an exhilarating full body salt scrub with essential oils in a sublimely nourishing base to revitalise and enliven your energy levels.

An undeniably cleansing, calming and restoring experience to indulge in any time.