Skin blemish removal

Skin blemish removal & reduction of skin lesions

Removal and reduction of most skin blemishes

Red veins | Blood spots | Skin tags | Milia | Sun spots | Mole reduction

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) are becoming most sought after as the benefits of this highly effective treatment are becoming more and more well know.

At ReVive skin blemish removal Petersfield we can treat a wide range of skin blemishes easily and effectively, with minimal skin reaction. It is a safe and proven route to improves skin confidence and most often can be come in one or two short sessions.

We will discuss your concerns in a private consultation and be honest with you on what we can remove to improve your wellbeing.

Vascular lesions, Brown age spots

£55per 15 mins
  • multiple lesions covered within time frame

Skin tags

  • price on consultation

Mole reduction

  • Moles often need a repeat treatment, this is provided FREE

Milia & red veins

£45per 15 mins
  • includes multiple milia within time frame

If you have ever felt embarrassed by what you feel are unsightly skin blemishes on your face or body then please make an appointment for a private consultation.

With today’s modern techniques we can offer probably the least invasive, most effective method of treatment with minimal after car, for a wide variety of blemishes .

Results are often instantaneous and life enhancing, so don’t let skin blemishes control your life.

Anton, ReVive