Assessment | Treatment | Rehabilitation of muscle injuries caused by sport, work & lifestyle.

A Soft Tissue Treatment rehabilitation treatment that is hands-on!

Types of clinical therapy offered

Soft Tissue Release | Clinical stretching | Spinal manipulation | Osteopathic & Chiropractic techniques | Medical Acupuncture | Exercise prescription

Why choose a Soft Tissue Therapist?

Quite simply, we assess the problem, seek common goals for rehabilitation, prescribe exercises and are hands-on!

The Clinical Soft Tissue Therapy treatment

ReVive Soft Tissue Therapy Clinic Petersfield treats a wide range of muscle injuries caused from sport, work or medical related.

We are able to treat either acute issues that have happened within the last couple of days or long standing chronic conditions that have troubled you for years..

Soft Tissue Therapy a very hands-on approach to the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of muscle injuries.

We use several different modalities from a variety of disciplines to treat your condition, these may include manipulation, massage or acupuncture.

The treatment by a Soft Tissue Therapist can yield excellent results in short periods of time, often helping to establish the root cause of your issue rather than just treating the symptoms to offer more long-term improvements in physical wellbeing.

Initial Soft Tissue Therapy treatment

  • Up to 1 hour

Follow up treatment

  • Up to 30 minutes

Get your body back to health; visit ReVive Soft Tissue Therapy Petersfield

Soft Tissue Therapy for Lower back pain Petersfield

Soft tissue release

Localised targeted release

What is STR?

Soft tissue release or STR is an amazing form of muscle & connective tissue stretching that really targets in on the area of concern. Using STR to treat neck pain, tennis elbow & whiplash injury if very effective. It helps pull apart poorly formed scar tissue & promote a release of tension in that specific area and also helps healing.

Unlike when you stretch a whole muscle, e.g. the leg, all of the muscle stretches, sometimes you just need to enforce a localised deep stretch to rectify a problem. STR is perfect for such cases.

Acupuncture for lower chronic back pain

Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture / Dry needling

What is it?

Medical acupuncture or dry needling involves using small solid needles that are inserted into the skin. They can be used with an electro element, quite like that of a TENS machine, providing electrical muscle stimulation. Neck muscle pain, knee pain and chronic back pain responds very well to medical acupuncture.

The use of acupuncture is very complex but on a very basic level the insertion of the needle causes decreased pain & an increased blood flow in the area which can be restorative. It works particularly well for lower back and joint pain.

Lower back pain Petersfield

Joint Manipulation

Chiropractic style manipulation

How does it work?

Spinal or joint manipulation, often used by Chiropractors, Osteopaths & some Physiotherapists.

On a basic level, joints can sometime lock or become pulled slightly in one direction by muscles, ligaments & tendons. You can quite often feel this pulling or locking, the area can become very stiff. Spinal manipulation can help unlock these areas quite often giving instant relief. This technique works very well for neck muscle pain, mid back pain & lower back pain.

Treatment techniques

The body is made up of soft tissue and bone, amongst other things of course. Aches and pains caused by day-to-day lifestyle or sports related activities can put pressure on you muscles, nerves and connective tissue. These muscles can tear, rip and heal badly or sometimes not even at all. When the body does heal the area it may do so by laying down too much scar tissue which then creates another problem.

Soft Tissue Therapists are very hands on which most of the time gets better results at a faster pace.

Well most things really – the list would be endless, but common problems we see each day are:
Chronic headaches, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatic issues, tendinopathies, chronic muscle tension, Achilles tendon, posture related problems.

You are probably thinking yes, and if you have been to someone that doesn’t really know what they are doing, then it probably did hurt. These types of therapists think that the deeper they go and the more pain they cause, the better it is. Wrong!

A proper soft tissue remedial massage should not hurt! Yes of course there will be occasions where certain techniques used will be uncomfortable, but they should never be painful!

Yes of course, every day we see and treatment people with injuries & chronic issues bought on by work or day-to-day activities.

This question is frequently asked. An indication will always be given as to how many sessions you would require to help fix the problem. Sometimes 2-4 may only be required. Exercise advice, if followed, normally helps speed up recovery and keep problems from returning. If suffering from an on going problem that would benefit from regular maintenance, this will be discussed with you.

Help specific or general muscle pain & posture problems

Hands on therapy for sport or lifestyle
Rehabilitation & exercise prescription
Chronic muscle pain & tension

What to expect on your first visit

Clinical Treatment: pain / muscle / skeletal / postural problems

Full Consultation & Assessment
Rehabilitation & Exercise prescription


Therapeutic remedial massage / sports massage, I feel, is a key treatment everyone should have regularly.
I often look at in terms of motor vehicles. Short trips down to the shops and back require little maintenance. Whereas trips cross country put more stress on the workings of the car and therefore require more maintenance. It’s the same with the body! The more you do, the more you need to look after yourself before injuries occur. Cars also don’t like to sit around not being used, similar to sitting at a desk all day, things seize up and you start to develop problems.
Anton, ReVive

BTEC Level 5 qualification in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy, Stoft tissue therapy.

Manipulative Therapy, Manipulative therapist (spinal and boney joint manipulation)

Medical Acupuncture, Medical Acupuncturist

Electro Medical Acupuncturist

Pregnancy Massage therapist

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