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Welcome to Sports massage Petersfield

A multi-disciplinary remedial massage clinic

Types of Clinical / Sports massage therapy offered

Deep tissue | Muscle stretching | Osteopathic techniques | Spinal Manipulation | Medical Acupuncture

Sports massage | Clinical massage

ReVive Sports massage Petersfield treat a wide range of muscle and postural problems

Being a multi disciplinary clinic we are set up with a huge skill set; unlike others we are able to offer a number of techniques to treat whatever maybe bothering you. All the way from sports therapy deep tissue massage, through to acupuncture.

The management, manipulation and rehabilitation of muscles and soft tissue / deep tissue. Ideal if you have specific muscles aches and pains causes by sport or lifestyle.

The benefit of choosing to have your sports massage / deep tissue massage at ReVive sports massage Petersfield is that we can utilise a mixture of the skills, all for the same fee. Whether it’s a stiff neck that requires massage and osteopathic spinal manipulation or chronic lower back pain that requires acupuncture and lumbar manipulation. It’s all available at ReVive sports massage therapy Petersfield.


Sports Massage
(general firm style maintenance or generalised aches/pains)

30 minutes | £30
60 minutes | £40
90 minutes | £55


Clinical Therapy (Targetted for specific muscle problems, injuries, concerns )

Initial consultation, up to 45 minutes | £40
Follow up, up to 30 minutes | £30

It’s a phrase that’s used quite often, and in my opinion has become a hyped buzz word for people and companies to use and talk about. But what actually is it?
That’s the million pound question! I guess if you took it at its basics it is a massage for people who play sports or sportsmen.

These days its use is far more wide and not just used for athletes or professionals sportsmen. It is used for amateur sports people and those who like to keep active or not so. Sports therapy Petersfield is for everyone.

Well most things really – the list would be endless, but common problems we see each day are:
Chronic headaches, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatic issues, tendinopathies, chronic muscle tension, Achilles tendon, posture related problems.

You are probably thinking yes, and if you have been to someone that doesn’t really know what they are doing, then it probably did hurt. These types of therapists think that the deeper they go and the more pain they cause, the better it is. Wrong!

A proper Soft tissue Remedial Massage (sports massage) should not hurt! Yes of course there will be occasions where certain techniques used will be uncomfortable, but they should never be painful!

Yes of course, as we have said above it really does not need to be called that any more. Its correct name should be Soft Tissue Therapy. That all encompassing phrase deals with everything from Sports related injuries, Chronic muscle tension to everyday muscular pain.
This question is frequently asked. An indication will always be given as to how many sessions you would require to help fix the problem. Sometimes 2-4 may only be required. Exercise advice, if followed, normally helps speed up recovery and keep problems from returning. If suffering from an on going problem that would benefit from regular maintenance, this will be discussed with you.

Get your body back to health; visit Sports Massage therapy Petersfield

Help specific or general muscle pain & posture problems

Rehabilitation & exercise prescription
Chronic muscle pain & tension
Massage therapy for sport or lifestyle

What to expect on your first visit

Sports Massage: A general firm deep tissue massage

Clinical Treatment: pain / muscle / skeletal / postural problems

Consultation Full Consultation & Assessment
Identify any focal or problematic areas Treatment
A deep, firm & targeted massage Rehabilitation & Exercise prescription


Therapeutic remedial massage / sports massage, I feel, is a key treatment everyone should have regularly.
I often look at in terms of motor vehicles. Short trips down to the shops and back require little maintenance. Whereas trips cross country put more stress on the workings of the car and therefore require more maintenance. It’s the same with the body! The more you do, the more you need to look after yourself before injuries occur. Cars also don’t like to sit around not being used, similar to sitting at a desk all day, things seize up and you start to develop problems.
Anton, ReVive

BTEC Level 5 qualification in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy, Stoft tissue therapy.

Manipulative Therapy, Manipulative therapist (spinal and boney joint manipulation)

Medical Acupuncture, Medical Acupuncturist

Electro Medical Acupuncturist

Pregnancy Massage therapist

Full insured with Balens

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