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If you suffer from general aches & pains caused by work, sports or lifestyle then ReVive Sports Massage should be your first place of choice.


  • Suitable for the back and other single issue areas


  • Not suitable for just the back


  • Not suitable for just the back
deep tissue sports massage on back


Muscles & connective tissue can become sticky, stiff & firm. Ease them with long firm strokes.

sports massage petersfield


Softening muscles making the more pliable can help joints move more freely.

sports massage for back pain


Like a car needs regular servicing. Look after your body if your demand on it is high.

Sports massage

We not only specialise in treating muscle injuries in our Soft Tissue Therapy treatment but we excel at deep tissue sport massage as well.

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Sports massage or therapeutic massage is ideal if you have general aches and pains brought on from sport, work or lifestyle.

Sometimes you just need a firm deep tissue massage or a sports massage, they are both the same thing.

When we place higher demands on our bodies our muscles become tighter and tighter, altering our posture and the way our body moves. Tighter muscles, I can assure you are more prone to injury. Your back doesn’t just ‘go’, it’s may have been struggling for a while but you haven’t noticed.

A deep tissue massage from a Sport Massage Therapist can be just what you need to help tight, achy muscles that impede your performance disappear.

A sports massage is these days another word for a deep tissue massage, a firm full body massage or deep pressure massage on the back.

These days its use is far more wide and not just used for athletes or professionals sportsmen. It is used for amateur sports people and those who like to keep active or not so. Sports Massage Therapy in Petersfield is for everyone.

A regular sports massage is ideal as a maintenance treatment once every 3 or 4 weeks. Like a cars engine, the more we use & abuse our bodies or perform tasks. in a very repetitive nature, the more we need to look after them. A deep tissue massage performed regally can help prevent problems and injuries from arising.

You are probably thinking yes, and if you have been to someone that doesn’t really know what they are doing, then it probably did hurt. These types of therapists think that the deeper they go and the more pain they cause, the better it is. Wrong!

Yes of course there will be occasions where certain techniques used may be uncomfortable, but they should never be painful!

Yes of course, as I have said above, you don’t have to play sport to receive a sports massage. Most people are suitable to receive a sports massage, however if you are looking for something more gentle, head over to our relaxation massage treatments here.

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Anton, Owner ReVive
Therapeutic remedial massage / sports massage, I feel, is a key treatment everyone should have regularly.
I often look at in terms of motor vehicles. Short trips down to the shops and back require little maintenance. Whereas trips cross country put more stress on the workings of the car and therefore require more maintenance. It’s the same with the body! The more you do, the more you need to look after yourself before injuries occur. Cars also don’t like to sit around not being used, similar to sitting at a desk all day, things seize up and you start to develop problems.
Anton, ReVive

BSc Physiotherapy

BTEC Level 5 qualification in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy, Soft tissue therapy.