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Summer Cooler

July 2015 promo

A cool experience for the body & soul


This massage & spa treatment includes all three experiences – 60 minutes | £45  BOOK ONLINE | BUY GIFT VOUCHER


Feet – A warm water foot soak softens hard heals, whilst a steal rasp takes calluses to a smooth finish. A foot file then removes remaining traces of dry skin whilst the penultimate treat, a salt foot scrub, buffs soles to a silky texture. The feet are then massaged & wrapped in a moisture mask, leaving tired tootsies feeling like new. 

Legs – Dry body brushing will gently exfoliate & help renew circulation, whilst a cool, fresh cucumber, natural yoghurt and seaweed wrap will soften, hydrate & revitalise the most aching of legs.

Neck, shoulder, face & scalp – A peppermint & eucalyptus infused oil massage will awaken fatigued muscles in the neck & shoulders & loosen tight muscles over the scalp. To finish the Summer Cooler experience, a cold marble stone pressure point facial massage will liven & restore the soul.


What’s not to like about this month’s Summer Cooler!

Amazing spa treatments Petersfield will help you jump start into the summer season


60 minutes | £45.00 BOOK ONLINE | BUY GIFT VOUCHER

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