Wax Petersfield offers excellent hair removal waxing services for both Male and Female.

Waxing hair removal

Hi everyone, I’m Anton, head therapist and owner of ReVive Wax Petersfield.

I thought I would put up a blog of waxing hair removal tips and how to look good being hair free this summer.

There still seems to be a fair bit of confusion over waxing, how to get waxed and most importantly waxing aftercare.

Aftercare at ReVive waxing, in my opinion is more important than the waxing treatment itself when it comes to tempoary hair removal.

ReVive Wax Petersfield offers all the standard waxing services you would expect to see and Hollywood Waxing and Brazilian waxing. We also specialise in  mens waxing at ReVive wax Petersfield.

We offer full leg wax, bikini line wax, under arm wax, eye brow wax and so on. Even a full body wax if you fancy.

Unlike others in the area, ReVive Wax Petersfield offers intimate waxing. And by that I mean proper intimate waxing. Not ‘let’s have a go at it with some cheap wax and paper strips’. Because that’s NOT how its done; many indeed across the UK do wax that way.

ReVive wax Petersfield offers specialist intimate waxing.

We offer Hollywood waxing and Brazilian waxing for both men and women. So if you are after a female Brazilian, female Hollywood or male Brazilian, male Brozilian as they sometimes call it, you have found the right place.

ReVive wax Petersfield is your one stop shop for all your waxing hair removal needs, check out the waxing hair removal treatment menu for all the prices. Click here

Finding a good waxer is very important; understanding and following the correct waxing after care is even more crucial. You can be confident that I know what I’m doing when it comes to waxing. I’ve been doing it since I was 19; I’m now 35.

Why is the waxing experience at ReVive Wax Petersfield studio different from others? For a number of reasons:

1) Yes, I’ve already said hundreds of times I know what I’m doing, so there’s a good one to start with.
2) I use very expensive wax for hair removal, which is one of the worlds best waxes. I buy it from the only UK importer which gets shipped directly from the USA.
3) I used high end waxing products and stock aftercare products that help maintain results post treatment.
4) I use specialist hard wax / hot wax (it’s not really that hot, its just called that) for course hair areas and intimate waxing.

NOW this is IMPORTANT… So pay attention !

I’m telling you, if someone approaches you with white paper strips and gets near your bits with them, it’s most likly to be Jody Foster ready for a re-enactment of ‘Silence of the Lambs’. Wip those panites or boxers back up, hop off the couch and advise them ‘I only do hard wax / hot wax’, then make a quick exit.

The only reason people don’t use hard wax / hot wax in course hair areas or intimate areas is because:
a) it’s really hard to use and needs a lot of experience
b) it takes longer to wax the area, so more time needs to be booked out at the salons expense.
c) it’s more expensive to buy and you run out of it quickly, so less profit for the salon.

Why do I insist on using it and go all crazy when I hear people are not using it?
Because it’s so much more superior to paper strip wax and it is so much better for you.

Why is hot wax / hard wax better and how does it work?

Lots of reasons.

Waxing Petersfield

Hot wax / hard wax used for intimate male waxing / intimate female waxing and areas of course hair such as chest waxing, under arm waxing is always prefered. When the hard wax / hot wax is applied it shrink wraps around the hair, not so much to the skin as other wax does. Once the the hard wax / hot wax sets up (dried slightly) the wax is then pulled off bringing with it the hairs as well.

1) It carry’s less chemicals in it than some other fragranced waxes, that helps with sensitivity issues and allergic reactions.
2) You can brace the skin and make sure it’s stretched at every step of the removal process. This is what causes bruising and redness if not done correctly.
3) It helps heat the skin and allows the hair follicle to open up a bit more to aid in removal.
4) It is able to grab on to short hairs so you don’t need to let the area grow as much as if you were using paper strip wax.

Now I shall rave on about aftercare.

Here’s the conversation I have regular with clients:

Anton – So how have you been getting on with your aftercare?
Client – Oh yes fine, I’ve been following it all the time!
Anton- Religiously?
Client – Oh yes, all the time! ‘Takes towel off and I look at the area’.
Anton – I think someone’s not being totally honest with me….
Client – Well maybe not religiously.

I always simile to myself, because I can spot it a mile away. AND I smile even more when you think I won’t notice.
Waxing aftercare is so important, especially if you have a Hollywood Wax, Brazilian Wax, Chest wax or Underarm Wax.

So here is the ultimate guide on waxing after care and how to keep it looking good !

There are 3 types of waxies. (is that a word? Well it’s describing people who get waxed)

Type 1 – The religious waxer. They get waxed every 4-6 weeks.

Type 2 – The party / holiday waxer. They get waxed for special occasions.

Type 3 – The wanna be model. They wake up in the morning, see some buff guy or beautiful lady in a magazine who’s all smooth and think, yes… If I get waxed today then I’ll loose a stone, my muscles will tone up and I’ll look instantly like the person in the magazine.

Type 1 is the way forward to get the best results and maintain hair free for longer.

Type 2, well.. Needs must. But we warned occasional waxing can be like occasional gym usage. Your skin isn’t used to getting clumps of hair yanked out of it, and sometimes, rightly so, it gets upset. Not majorly ideal for the holiday ey. If you are going to get waxed for holiday, have a couple of sessions first before the flight.

Type 3, I try to discourage and we have a good old talk about stuff before we do the waxing.


The science behind the 3 stage hair growth cycle:

Anagen phase – This is the active growth phase of the hair, it is connected to the blood supply. You want to remove the hair in this stage.

Catagen phase – This is the stage where the hair has stopped growing and the blood supply is being cut off from the hair.

Telogen phase – This is the resting phase of the hair. It sits in its follicle for a while then falls out. Hair is always at different stages of hair growth.

BUT after 4-5 sessions of waxing, done every 4 weeks. Your hair starts to synchronise more so to the Anagen phase.

If you remove hair in the Anagen phase, it then has to go all the way through the second phase, all the way through the third stage before it starts to grown again in the Anagen phase. Hence, hair free for longer! tadaaa

Looking after the skin and hair post wax – Tres important !

If you’re not going to look after it and it turns out all spotty and ingrown hair everywhere then why get waxed in the first place? I would prefer to have hair than loads of spots. Wouldn’t you?

Skin takes 24-48 hours to readjust after your little hair pulling out session.

Treat the area that has been waxed like major sun burn (it of course won’t be that bad). Imagine you have just sat on Bournemouth beach in the boiling hot sun, all day with no sun screen on you. Ouch… you’ll be like a lobster!

Click here for PDF version of aftercare.


• No hot baths or showers (cool to lukewarm water only).
• No saunas, hot tubs or steam treatments.
• No tanning (sunbathing, sunbeds or fake tans).
• No sport, gym work or other exercise.
• Avoid scratching or touching the treated area with unwashed hands.
• Wear clean, loose fitting clothing.
• Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools.
• Do not apply deodorants, body sprays, powders, lotions or other products to the area, other than those recommended by your therapist.

You’ll need to apply soothing aftercare cream to the area regularly in the first 24-48 hours.

ReVive Wax Petersfield sell such cream so do not worry.

After about 3 days, you will need to apply a medium weight moisturising cream, every morning and evening with out fail! Exfoliation (removing the dead skin cells) to be carried out 3 times a week.

Now here’s the low down on in grown hairs and why we get them. So listen up…

male waxing petersfield


Using a pair of nylon exfoliation gloves you need to lightly scrub the areas using some gentle, as natural as possible, liquid soap. The type you use in the bath. Gently scrub the area that has been waxed focusing on areas which have red bumps or feel slightly rough. DO NOT go crazy with scrubbing the skin, it’s supposed to be light. Then moisturise afterwards.

Why do we do this for?

Imagine you plant a seed in the ground. The top of the neskin kit - body therapy-01-01w seedling will be thin and delicate. Now imagine you let the soil dry out like a pair of old boots and kept stamping on it. Is the seedling ever going to push its way out of the soil. Answer – NO.

So you need to water the soil all the time and hoe the soil up to break out the clumpy bits. Will the seedling have a good chance of growing out of the soil. Answer – YES.

So do the same with the skin.

Watering = moisturising

Hoeing = exfoliating.

In grown hairs do not always look red and bumpy. Sometimes the thinnest layer of skin will grow over the top of it. Wax needs to grab onto the hair in order to remove it. If it cannot grab it, you are left with it. And I’m not spending hours picking out the hairs for you.

So if you go to someone who uses the correct products, knows what they are doing and you follow the aftercare all the time, you will stand a much better chance of looking nice and smooth this summer without all the complications that can go with waxing.

Thank  you for reading