Wart & Verruca removal

 Wart & verruca treatment is a safe & effect procedure to remove these skin lesions from all areas of the body*

Treatments of warts and verrucas

There are various types of warts including plane warts, common warts, filiform warts (which are raised with jagged edges) and verrucas and all can be easily and successfully treated used electrolysis. These types of warts can develop individually or in cluster and are highly contagious.

  • Wart and verruca removal can be highly effect and remove the wart or verruca in just one treatment. Sometimes warts & verruca removal can take just seconds.

  • Advanced electrolysis can be more effective than liquid nitrogen in removing these skin lesions

  • Advanced electrolysis can be much more effective than over the counter gels

  • Small warts and verrucas can be removed in one session

  • Larger warts and verrucas may need approximately 3 treatments

Wart Verruca removal at ReVive Therapy Petersfield

What warts and verrucas can be removed?

The removal of warts and verrucas is not size dependant; there are no size limits, but you have to be realistic. 

From experience the more soft a wart or verruca is the easier it is to be removed.

If you have had a wart or verruca for several years they can still be treated but may take a little more time.

Wart and verruca treatment can be highly effective and remove the wart or verruca in just one session within seconds.

*intimate areas, areas inside the ears and nose, and on the eye lids cannot be treatment

If you wish to email a photo and a little history of your Wart or Verruca you which to be treated for online assessment to get an approximate price or if the lesion is suitable for wart treatment then please click on the mail image or email info@myrevive.co.uk

email ReVive your Wart & Verruca

Pricing structure

NB: Prices are for illustrative purposes and may increase or reduce dependant on individual requirements of treatment.

Small warts on body (excluding feet)

  • price on consultation

Warts on face

  • price on consultation

Verruca on feet

  • repeat treatment maybe required (reduced charge)

Frequently asked questions

Sadly not. Each person and treatment is totally individual. A price can only be given once the area has been examined.

For sensitive areas and for verruca on feet we can apply some topical anaesthetic to help reduce the pain. Small warts that appear to be on ‘stalks’ or are fleshy in nature are over with within seconds. Large warts and verruca can be very painful, but we do our best during the treatment to reduce this as much as possible. Splitting sessions sometimes is preferred, and second treatments are offered at a reduced price.

If the wart or verruca is successfully treatment it should not come back. There is a possibility of scarring or pigment change but this is rare.

You will need time for the area to heal. Sometimes for a little longer dependant on the area of concern. Remember you are not having an operation, just a small section of skin removed.

Anton, Owner ReVive

I’ve had several warts and verruca treated on myself in the past, so I’m well placed to comment. I’ve also seen many liquid nitrogen treatments carried out, to varying success.

I find liquid nitrogen treatment to be far too harsh on the skin, slow to work and very ineffective. I even ended up in A&E after a GP froze a wart on my hand too much, it also made the wart spread and get much bigger.

I’ve had a small wart treated on my neck with advanced electrolysis (the method I offer here) that I had for years. It took less than a minute to treatment, was a little painful for a couple of seconds and now it’s gone forever.

I’ve also removed a large wart beneath a ladies eye which looked very unsightly. That took seconds to perform and has not returned.

Your really don’t have to suffer with these warts. 

Anton, ReVive Therapy Petersfield