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60 MINUTES | £45

Winter Skin

  • Skin changes during the seasons, it can become more dry and dehydrated depending on what time of year it is.
  • During the colder Winter months, skin becomes exposed to more harsh elements. Wind burn and sudden drops in temperature to name a few. Central heating causes skin to become dehydrated, dry and irritated. This results in its protective barrier function becoming comprised, attributed to increasing friction caused by touching the face more frequent.
  • During this skin treatment not only will your skin be nourished, hydrated and restored using some of the worlds top skin care products, but you will be armed with the knowledge to keep it in top shape at home by way of tailored home care products and samples.

Protect Skin this Winter with a moisturising, hydrating facial

A super nourishing dermalogica facial Petersfield skin treatment awaits you this November to combat seasonal dryness & dehydration.